Asbestos Removal

Many home owners are shocked when they start a renovation process in their home and learn that they have been living in a space with asbestos. A cheap, inexpensive building material, many homes still have remnants of the toxic substance. At Rapid Mold Removal, we have experienced experts ready to rid your home of asbestos.

The danger of asbestos is not in touching the material. It isn’t always the fiber that you think you will find in your home, but it’s in everyday items such as flooring, roofing material, caulking, or siding. Truthfully, having asbestos itself in your home is not a hazard so long as it’s in good condition. However, if it starts to chip, break, or flake off, that’s where the real threat is to your family.

Our Removal Process

At Rapid Mold Removal, we have seen how asbestos gets damaged over time. Our inspectors are well trained in what the common signs are and can give you a proper assessment of what sort of danger you might be in. If you suspect that your home might have asbestos and you have recently experienced water damage, flooding, or abrasions in any of the areas where it exists in your home, contact us and we will assess what steps are needed.

Whatever your vision for that wasted space under your house, at Rapid Mold Removal we can help make that dream a reality. Experienced renovators, our team will be able to take that damp place into a showcase. Our team are experts at tackling even the worst conditions and making it into beautiful useable space.

Home that have recently experienced water damage or flooding are of particular danger. Asbestos is only toxic when bits of it have been broken and the fibers are released. After it is breathed in, the tiny cancerous fibers rip at your lungs causing small tears, damaging your lung tissue. Often, home owners think that its only when its dry that it is a problem. Water damage can rip open the connecting fibers in the asbestos within your home and when it drys, it is measurably weaker and easy to break. Once it breaks, that’s when asbestos begins shredding the lungs apart.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for your family. Our team of asbestos removal experts have the equipment and the knowledge to clear your house of the toxic material. After complete consultation, our technicians will walk you through step by step of how we will safely and securely do an asbestos removal. We’ll explain the prep work that will create barriers in your home while we work so that we can protect your treasured items. Once the prep is done, we’ll take you through the process of the asbestos removal as we excavate the substance from the structure. After talk of the complete removal, we can discuss what plans you have for the area of the home we are removing the asbestos from and what materials need to now be in place.

Asbestos removal requires an experienced technician. At Rapid Mold Removal, we are experts at erasing asbestos. Contact us today and see how we can help.