Attic Mold Removal

Attics are a common harbor for mold. Attic Mold Removal is a difficult process. Because of their insulated properties, mold can very easily find its place on both the attic’s floor joists and sheathing. Mold in the attic will not readily be apparent to the homeowner until they sell their home in many cases, however. In some cases, a homeowner will find items stored in the attic to be moldy, and this can trigger a further investigation from experts such as ourselves.

Out of the various ways an attic may become moldy, moisture that enters from the outside or main level of the building is usually the cause. Bathroom vents, chimneys, roof leaks and broken ventilation fans are just some of the various sources of impending moisture and cause of mold growth.

The Typical Procedure For Attic Mold Removal Will Involve The Following Steps:

  • Source And Identify The True Cause Of The Mold Outbreak. Once Maintenance Work Has Been Completed And Damaged Or Malfunctioning Components Have Been Replaced, Mold Removal Work May Begin.
  • Setup And Installation Of A Mold Containment Barrier To Prevent Mold Spread Is Mandated At This Stage In The Process.
  • Poly Bags Will Be Used To Remove Any Mold Contaminated Insulation From The Home Or Business As To Prevent Future Mold Outbreaks.
  • Once Any Loose Debris Is Removed From The Attic, All Attic Surfaces Will Then Be Vacuumed Using A High Grade Hepa Filter System.
  • Once Vacuumed, All Mold Affected Surfaces Will Be Treated With An Antimicrobial Biocide To Kill Mold Growth At Its Source.
  • Any Remaining Mold In The Attic Will Be Physically Removed Using Either Dry Ice Blasting Or Abrasive Sanding.
  • A Final And Complete Hepa Vacuum Sweep Of The Area Will Be Completed At This Finishing Stage To Remove Any Dead Mold Spore Debris Accumulated From The Removal Process.
  • Once All Mold Has Been Successfully Removed From The Attic, New Insulation May Be Re-Installed.

Our unique mold remediation approach involves removing the bare minimum structural materials from your facility necessary to eliminate all existing mold spores. In addition, non-invasive mold removal techniques will be used to reduce your total bill. Sheetrock or wood structuring removed during the mold remediation process can also be replaced by our very same team to reduce downtime.

Our mold remediation staff has over 10 years of experience in commercial mold removal in the GTA area. We have built a great reputation and pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Call the mold removal experts today to quickly and thoroughly eradiate and existing mold growth affecting your business.