Basement Mold Removal

In a worse case scenario, our basement mold remediation process would include the following steps and procedures. Your situation may not warrant this same level of service, but no matter what the circumstance, you experience a speedy completion.

The initial setup will include the construction of a mold containment barrier to isolate airborne mold particular to the work area.

Next will be to setup a high flow commercial air scrubber to remove any airborne mold spores from the surrounding ambient air.

Our crew must implement proper engineering controls as to isolate any combustible appliances from the workspace such as a gas dryer or furnace to prevent back drafting.

Our crew will also round up all contaminated items or loose materials present in the basement for disposal outside of the household or workspace. Contaminated carpet, tile and other related materials will need to be removed at this time.

Once the workspace is clear, it is necessary to remove any remaining mold spore debris from the basement using a commercial hepa vacuum system.

All surfaces containing mold growth will be covered using a specialized mold resistant sealant during this final stage.

We will need to inspect the home or office’s HVAC system for mold cross contamination. Any sign of mold will trigger a thorough cleaning of the system and will warrant further mold testing to determine if mold spores have spread via the ventilation system. If mold is present in the main level of the home or business via confirmation from the performed air quality test, additional air scrubbers will be needed in the main part of the building to eradicate any additional airborne mold spores from the home or office.

Now that mold has been isolated and/or removed from the basement, mold containment barriers will now be deconstructed and mold-free materials returned to their original locations.