Commercial Mold Removal

A mold infestation of your commercial property will cost you money. Harmful or toxic mold strains can create health issues for your customers and employees and expose you to costly litigation. Unsightly and benign instances of mold will create an atmosphere of fear or disgust and chip away at your bottom line.

commercial mold

An investment into our commercial mold remediation services can mitigate any damages existing mold infestation has caused. For the ideal solution to your problem, our team offers the expert advice, testing, and solutions to remedy any mold issue.

Upon arrival to your location, our mold remediation team will help to identify the source of your mold growth and offer a permanent solution to completely eradicate it. Our mold inspectors will also perform the proper testing to identify which strain of mold is plaguing your business and positively confirm its identity.

Once mold has been positively identified in the lab, a plan to eliminate it will be crafted and target non-peak times as to offer a sensible solution to your business. Information will also be offered to describe the current danger level exhibited and any health advisories that should be given to its occupants.

The Rapid Group Offers Commercial Mold Removal From The Following Types Of Businesses:

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Rental Properties
  • Foreclosure Properties
  • Offices
  • And More

Our unique mold remediation approach involves removing the bare minimum structural materials from your facility necessary to eliminate all existing mold spores. In addition, non-invasive mold removal techniques will be used to reduce your total bill. Sheetrock or wood structuring removed during the mold remediation process can also be replaced by our very same team to reduce downtime.

Our mold remediation staff has over 10 years of experience in commercial mold removal in the GTA area. We have built a great reputation and pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Call the mold removal experts today to quickly and thoroughly eradiate and existing mold growth affecting your business.

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