Drywall Mold Removal

If you have what appears to be mold growing on your drywall, chances are you probably do. In any case, our professionally trained mold remediation specialists will be able to confirm your suspicions and advise you as to the full extent of your problem.

Upon arrival at your location, a certified mold inspector will take some samples from your suspected mold areas and send them to an independent lab for testing. An air quality sample should also be taken into account for any mold that has spread to other areas of the location. Upon indication of a positive or negative test result, a mold remediation specialist will lay out your options for dealing with the problem to resolve you of worry. He or she will advise you as to the exact type of mold present, its level of toxicity, or in the case of a negative test, a best guess of what you have.

The removal of mold from infested drywall will involve using power tools. Drywall is a porous material and can hold mold with its inner structure forcing us to physically remove affected drywall in this manner. Our mold remediation team will setup a containment barrier in your home or office where work is being performed to ensure mold cannot spread to other areas of the location. All infested drywall will be bagged and removed from the premises by our team members as to successfully eradicate it.

Once all mold affected drywall has been removed from your location, special air scrubbers and heap vacuums will be used to ensure any loose mold spores sent airborne during the removal process are properly eradicated. Effective cleanup of the work area will ensure mold does not come back at a later time.

The Rapid Group also specializes in drywall installation and/or restoration, so all drywall removed can be can be quickly replaced. We can install new drywall in your home, spackle and paint it to ensure everything left is as good as new. We really are a full service solution to your drywall mold problems.