Kitchen Mold Removal

Mold in the kitchen is a common occurrence as water leaks and drips create a harbor for mold in unseen areas. As a dishwashing appliances or sink leak, water often accumulates in the drywall and wood paneling surrounding the area quickly– even with small leaks. Over time, moist structural materials offer preexisting mold spores to thrive and grow much like what exists in a common bathroom shower.

Because water leaks in the kitchen often are not visible without closer inspection, mold will generally strike before the problem is fully apparent. Our mold inspection personnel can help you determine the extent of your kitchen’s structural damage and eradicate any mold infested material once leaky pipes and/or fixtures have been fixed by a certified and qualified plumber.
The good news is that most kitchen remediation jobs are relatively simple and will not require an elaborate containment structure or HEPA filter if the problem is confined to a small area. If mold growth extends past a 3×3 meter area however, a more elaborate and expensive mold remediation job may be required.

If you have discovered mold growing in your kitchen or suspect such an occurrence via a musty smell that radiates from underneath a sink or dishwasher, give us a call. Our certified mold inspectors can clear up any uncertainty you have and help to size up your situation. He can also help you determine if the mold present in your home is particularly dangerous and in need for immediate attention. Call us today.

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