Mold Detection

Upon arriving at your home or business, the mold inspection agent assigned to your account will ask some questions as to why you may think there is mold present at the location and any related problems or issues that may have attributed to the problem. He or she will then thoroughly inspect your property is an attempt to identify any and all mold growth present.

Once our initial mold inspection is complete, your inspection agent will then recommend material and air sample testing of alleged mold spores present near each growth site. Upon a successful capture of test samples, related contents will then be mailed to an appropriate state certified, third party independent lab for verification. Upon receiving a notification of positive results, an estimate and quote can then be given for complete eradication of identified mold.

Techniques We Use For Detections Include:

  • Thermal Cameras Detect Temperature Differences In The Home To Identify Moisture Problems
  • Moisture Meters And Hygrometers Help To Further Identify Moisture Hotbeds And Potential Problems
  • Air Quality Testing Accurately Gauges Systemic Mold Problems In The Home Or Office
  • Cotton Swab Samples Of Identified Areas Allow Our Team To Identify Specific Mold Strains
  • Independent Lab Testing Allows For Clear And Precise Positive Determination Of Mold
  • Personnel Experienced In Identifying Unique Mold Strains Can Help Issue Health Warnings On The Spot
  • Immediate Containment Of Harmful Mold Using Containment Barriers Is General Protoco

Using advanced testing equipment, The Rapid Group’s mold detection specialists can predict where current and future mold problems may occur with great accuracy. During the inspection process, these tools allow our team members to identify where mold is likely to grow and retrieve appropriate samples for testing. Often times, moisture is present in or behind walls and can cause mold undergrowth not immediately apparent to the inspector or property owner. Moisture meters and thermal inspection equipment allow our team members to correctly identify areas of your home or business that hold excessive moisture content and are likely to breed mold; even if they are behind secondary structures that block direct access.