Removing Mold From Walls

Removing mold from the walls in your home or office can be impossible without professional help. In some cases where mold is isolated to a small area (less than 3×3 meters), surface cleaning may be possible. In other cases where mold has spread systemically, a full mold remediation job is in order. Our mold remediation company specializes in wall mold removal through demolition but also restoration through the reinstallation of previously contaminated wall material.

Our typical customer contacts us with a mold problem after their walls have been water damaged. Mold needs a moisture source to grow, and a water soaked wall is a problem waiting to happen. Floods are the most common reason why walls become wet before becoming moldy, but other sources also include burst pipes, leaks or other such moisture vapor locks. After a home water intrusion, walls may become moldy within weeks!

Sources of Mold on Walls:

  • Drywall, When Exposed To Water, Becomes Moldy In Every Case As Drywall Holds Moisture Like A Sponge. Wet Drywall Should Be Removed From The Home Or Office As Soon As Water Is Present.
  • Wet Wood Can Also Often Provide A Hotbed For Mold Growth Depending On The Type But Not In All Cases.
  • Concrete Or Cinder Block Walls Can Also Harbor Mold But Generally Not Unless The Environment In Which It Is In Is Routinely Humid Or Exposed To Water For Long Periods Of Time As The Material Itself Can Dry Out On Its Own Pretty Quickly.

Whatever the type of wall mold problem you currently have, we can solve it. Our wall mold removal process includes complete eradication of the mold from your home using demolition or surface scrubbing. We also incorporate the use of biocides to kill live mold present at the surface of impenetrable material.

The mold inspector assigned to your account will be able to inform you as to the type of mold you have present in your home or office and establish a plan to eradicate it. He or she will test all suspected mold present at your location for a positive identification and offer a quote for full removal/restoration of contaminated wall material. He or she will also provide tips for safe living during the mold remediation process and advise you of any systemic risks that a mold infestation can cause. Safety is our biggest priority when it comes to doing our job, and we wish to ensure a safe and prompt resolution to all of your wall mold problems.