Mold Removal

Removal of mold from your home or office will first consist of containing the mold to the area in which it is in. By installing a temporary structure around the work area and providing and exhaust source for air, all airborne contaminates created during the demolition process will be properly contained.

Once the work area is properly prepared for mold remediation, our team of mold removal specialists will work to remove any deeply contaminated materials such as drywall or joists and clean or blast any superficial mold problems using dry ice or brushes. Upon removing all offending mold and cleaning remaining surfaces with an appropriate biocide, a quote can be generated for general restoration of the areas worked on to replace materials removed in the mold remediation process.

Our team of dedicated mold remediation specialists will quickly and professionally remove any and all mold from your home or office.

Our Mold Removal services include:

  • Containment Of Mold Spores Prevents Systemic Problems
  • High Speed Of Service Gets The Job Completed Fast
  • Accuracy Of Material Removal Minimizes Restoration Costs
  • Intelligence Of Setup Creates A Safe Environment For Worker And Client
  • Comprehensive Removal Of All Mold Spores Ensures A Permanent Solution
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Ensures A Happy Customer
  • Our Level Of Experience Allows A Quality Of Service Not Found Elsewhere