Crawl Space Mold Removal

Mold accumulation in a property’s crawlspace is a common occurrence. Moisture from the crawlspace’s soil floor allows mold to grow on its floor joists, support pillars and cinder blocks in many cases.

Upon calling The Rapid Group for a proper mold assessment, a certified mold inspector will quickly arrive to determine the extent of your mold problem. The mold inspector assigned to your account will harvest several mold samples to positively confirm its identity and profile its level of danger to the residence of your home or office. Upon positive confirmation, a quote for complete mold removal will be given and included safety tips to avoid contact with said mold.

Steps For Removing Mold From Your Crawlspace Will Typically Include:

  • Identification And Repair Of Plumbing Issues That May Cause Moisture Accumulation In Your Crawlspace Including Leaky Pipes Or Lack Of Rain Water Management.
  • Insulation Using A Mold Containment Barrier As To Prevent The Spread Of Mold Beyond The Crawl Space Area.
  • Use Of A Commercial Dehumidification System To Reduce The Air Humidity.
  • Implementation Of Backdraft Barriers To Isolate Any Gas Operated Appliances In The Vicinity.
  • Bag And Seal’ Of Any And All Contaminated Mold Infested Insulation From The Crawl Space Ceiling.
  • Use Of A Hepa Style Vacuum To Remove Mold Spores Or Existing Debris From The Area.
  • Sterilization Of Mold Infected Surfaces In The Crawlspace Using A Government Approved And Appropriate Biocide.
  • Sanding Of All Contaminated Wood Framing In The Crawlspace.
  • A Second Round Of Use With The Hepa Vacuum To Remove Any Remaining Mold Particles Shaken Up By The Sanding Process.
  • Sealing Of All Mold Contaminated Concrete Or Cinder Blocks With A Government Approved Mold Sealant.
  • If Necessary, An Inspection Of The Property’s Hvac System May Occur. Mold That Has Penetrated The Property’s Ventilation System Through Cracks Or Defects Will Now Require Immediate Attention.
  • With The Crawlspace Now Mold Free, Our Team Will Now Reinsulate.
  • Our Team Will Also Break Down The Containment Barrier Constructed At The Beginning Of This Mold Removal Project To Finalize The Process.

A ‘moisture barrier’ can offer a way to prevent crawlspace mold problems from re-occurring. Our mold remediation team offers this “wrap-up” procedure for all its mold remediation clients. This moisture barrier will put a solid layer between your property’s crawlspace and foundation to securely lock out soil moisture. A dry crawlspace is a happy one!

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