About Us

As one of the largest and most experienced mold removal companies in Canada, Rapid Mold Removal has been protecting the health and safety of clients and the air they breathe in their homes or commercial office spaces since 1985. We are the specialists behind the detection and eradication of all types of molds, whether they may be benign or extremely dangerous and take all necessary precautions to ensure we are willfully complying with all government guidelines necessary when safely identifying and removing your mold problem.

Mold, if left unattended, can create a detrimental presence to not only your home or office but to your health as well. Founded based on the steadfast principles of providing friendly, efficient and safe identification and removal services, Rapid Mold Removal will promptly set to work to ensure that the harmful threat is swiftly taken care of. We employ only the best specialists who are skilled and proficient in their field, and we are more than happy to send them over to assess your situation and provide you with a free quote.

If you suspect you may have a mold problem, invite one of our specialists into your home or commercial office space today, so you can breathe and live easy.