Basement Renovation

It’s time to get that extra room that you need for your family. Whether you are looking to renovate after recent damages or you are looking to create a whole new living space, Rapid Mold Removal can help you get the basement of your dreams. Don’t let all of that extra space go to waste under your home.

Unlike the rest of the house, a basement renovation requires more planning and prep work. While there isn’t the restraint of worrying about structural load issues like a normal addition, working underneath the dwelling presents a different set of problems. By it’s design, the basement has the lowest amount of light in the home. Basements tend to harbor the highest amount of mold and mildew in the home. There is also a constant problem with moisture and water drainage. Because of many of those factors, it’s no wonder the basement turns into the storage place for the family!

A Major Family Hub

Too often, the majority of use the basement gets is to be a laundry room or a place where the old paints cans go to rust. All of that space wasted when it has the potential of being so much more. Maybe you are looking at creating your own private space downstairs with the ability to have a flat screen and a bar so your house becomes the main place to catch the game. Or possibly, you’ve reached that stage in life where you are considering having an elderly family member move home with you and you really need that spare room. Perhaps your dream basement is a place for your children to safely play and invite friends over for a slumber party.

Whatever your vision for that wasted space under your house, at Rapid Mold Removal we can help make that dream a reality. Experienced renovators, our team will be able to take that damp place into a showcase. Our team are experts at tackling even the worst conditions and making it into beautiful useable space.

We start by waterproofing your structure. If you have experienced water coming up through the slabs, foundational wall, or cracks in the foundation, our team is here to help. After investigating where there has been leaks from plumbing, ground, or from flooding, we’ll preform our tests to see if there is mold present. If there is, we will eliminate the mold and potential health risk by ridding the basement of mold.

After getting rid of mold and waterproofing, our team will start to build with water-proofed materials. Unlike normal drywall, we use a specially designed system that can include mold-proof PVC moldings, water-resistant under floor, and moisture proof drop ceilings. All of it created to keep as much water as possible out of your new space.

Once the basic building is done, we can start to explore other options that you might like in your space. Different types of lighting, additional bathrooms, extra shower, or even a beautiful new tub are all options that can be discussed.

Rapid Mold Removal is the leading expert in mold removal and in basement renovations. Contact us today and turn that dark basement into your new living space!